Phytophthora ramorum

Department of Crop Sciences
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Frequently Asked Questions

I think my plant has this disease - now what?

If, after reviewing the screening questions, you suspect that your plant may be infected with P. ramorum, we encourage you to submit the sample for diagnosis. Because P. ramorum is regulated, samples suspected of being infected with this pathogen must be submitted to federally-designated plant diagnostic laboratories. The University of Illinois Plant Clinic is the only federally-designated plant diagnostic laboratory in Illinois. Please contact the Plant Clinic by calling 217-333-0519 or emailing for more information about sampling for this disease. Click here for more information about the Plant Clinic.

NOTE: The Plant Clinic fee for samples pre-screened using the DDDI system will be $12.50. However, if a sample is sent directly to the Plant Clinic without DDDI pre-screening, the fee is $25.00.